Family Reunion Teeshirts
Family Reunion T-Shirts

New England Wire Company staffWorking with Bear Images has been a real pleasure for us! Paul was extremely helpful in assisting us in choosing a shirt style that would be cool and comfortable, but professional looking for our guys that attend trade shows. The custom embroidered logos look fantastic! Our orders have always arrived in a timely manner, and Paul has even been so kind as to personally deliver our shirts on his way through town! The staff at Bear Images are always responsive to questions or inquiries and are prompt to assist with all of our needs. We are very happy with the quality of products and outstanding customer service from Bear Images and would recommend them to anyone looking for custom logo products.

- New England Wire Company
We ordered our first t-shirt from Bear Images and have continued buying apparel through them since. Paul is very easy to work with, and there is a personal component and local business relationship benefit that you won't get from purchasing online. They can provide one-stop shopping for merchandising... I would highly recommend them when starting up a business and developing a brand.

Monica Cozzens
Schilling Beer Co.
We've been buying screen printed and embroidered apparel from Bear Images for over six years. When we first wanted a tee shirt for WREN, it was an easy choice about who to call. Paul Greenlaw, the owner, is well known around town for his positive attitude and his years of coaching basketball - just one of those all-around, nice guys. The first order was processed and handled so smoothly we were all very impressed. I am happy to use Bear Images services for WREN because they are a local company, offer great customer service and guarantee their products. I can't ask for a better working relationship.

Katy Curnyn
Director of Marketing
The shirts just arrived and they look fantastic! Thanks so much. Good customer service is such a rare commodity in today's society, but you definitely provided excellent customer service. We will be contacting you again in the future!

Joan Aichele
AMCDV Membership Chair
Bear Images' customer service rocks! They are always timely and attentive to our needs.

Pamela Nute
Executive Assistant
Garnet Hill
"Bear Images has played a key role in helping us rollout our new logo and brand image. Anytime I need a sample product for consideration, it has been on my desk within a couple of days, and turnaround on orders has been superb. The result is a lot of support for the hospital's new gift counter and employees showing off their Speare Spirit!"

Michele Barney Hutchins
Director of Community Relations
Speare Memorial Hospital

We appreciate your attention to detail, fine quality and fast turnaround. You have no idea how nice it is to work with you!

Michelle Crawford, Office Manager
Presby Environmental, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

There are many reasons why we choose to do business with various people - things like convenience, pricing, ease of doing business, product availability and so on - but the foremost reason is what I call "relationship."

To me, a relationship develops based upon integrity, knowledge, personal attention and appreciation.

For the past ten years, we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Bear Images and have the utmost confidence in both the quality of the products and marketing advice offered. It is a joy to do business with Bear Images and we are happy to regularly recommend them to others.


Ronald L. Littlefield, CIC

Here at J. Jill we choose to order from Bear Images. Each time we call we are greeted cheerfully and professionally. Sometimes our requests can be challenging, but you always meet and/or exceed our expectations. Sometimes I am delightfully surprised with the speed and accuracy in which we receive our orders. One of the most recent orders was placed on a Tuesday just before I went on vacation for the rest of the week. When I returned to work the following Tuesday I had a call from receiving saying there were a bunch of boxes for me! I couldn't imagine what it was and asked them to open one to see. I told them I hadn't ordered anything except from Bear Images and wasn't expecting that for a few weeks! You can imagine my surprise when they told me what it was! Five days for my order with our logo printed! Amazing!

We thank you for all your hard work.


Our business has ordered products from Bear Images for several years. The price is very competitive and we have always experienced on-time delivery. In addition, we have enjoyed the personal service that is available whenever we need to speak to someone. We highly recommend Bear Images as a provider for your business.

Geo. M. Stevens & Son Co.

We love the personal attention we receive from you. We look forward to researching new products on your website.

Lori Wiggett, HomeOwnership Center Manager

Bear Images is the sole supplier of our "premium" items at Isaacson Structural Steel, Inc. We are extremely pleased with the quality of products and the service which Bear Images provides to us. Bear Images coordinates our employee service awards and our employee safety awards. Paul also partners with us in our highly successful golf tournament to benefit Special Olympics. We are proud to be associated with Paul and Bear Images.

Steve Griffin Isaacson Structural Steel

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